Ffordes photographicFfordes Photographic of Beauly, near Inverness, Scotland was broken into in the early hours of 26th September and a substantial amount of Leica equipment, digital and film cameras, lenses and accessories, was stolen.

The Police Incident Number is NN10337/18 and the contact at Inverness Police is Mr C Still on (+44) 01463 228452.

Here is the list of stolen equipment;

Leica Equipment Stolen from Ffordes Photographic 
Leica D Series Cameras
DescriptionSerial Number
Digilux 3 + 14-50mm F2.8-3.53184940/4015515
Digilux 22991330
Leica X Series
DescriptionSerial Number
X2 - Silver + Case + Finder4317553
Leica S/S2 Cameras
DescriptionSerial Number
S Body Only (Typ 006) 4417070
S Body Only (Typ 006) 4686760
S Body Only (Typ 006) 4417295
S-E Body Only (Typ 006)4810278
Leica S/S2 Lenses
DescriptionSerial Number
30mm F2.8 Asph Elmarit S4151485
120mm F2.5 Apo Macro Summarit S4156132
120mm F2.5 Apo Macro Summarit S4111860
120mm F2.5 Apo Macro Summarit S4111659
Leica R Cameras
DescriptionSerial Number
R8 Chrome Body Only2285482
R8 Chrome Body Only2291710
R8 Black Body Only2775654
R7 Chrome Body Only19999116
R6 Chrome Body Only1776195
R4 Black Body Only1608706
Leica R Lenses
DescriptionSerial Number
75-200mm F4.5 R 3cam2896362
2x Extender R3326677
2x Extender R3143272
Leica Q Series
DescriptionSerial Number
Q (Typ 116) - Black4932761
Leica SL Series
DescriptionSerial Number
SL Typ 601 Body Only4967157
SL Typ 601 Body Only4993497
Leica V-Lux Series
DescriptionSerial Number
Vlux 13138988
Vlux - (Typ 114)4860734
Leica T Series
DescriptionSerial Number
TL2 Silver Body 5226072
TL Silver Body Only 5161802 / PA013849
T Black Body Only + PXC T to M Adapter 4815918 / 4266109
T Black Body Only 4821452
T Silver Body Only4818007
T Black Body Only 4817778
T Silver Body Only4812671
T Silver + 18-56mm Asph + Visoflex4817415 / 4350298 / PA013854 / 18811
T Silver Body Only (Typ701)4821089
55-135mm F3.5-5.6 APO-VArio-Elmar-T 4469344
60mm F2.8 Asph(Silver) Apo Macro TL + Hood 4629185
Leica Screw Cameras
DescriptionSerial Number
IIIG Olive Green Body Only956062
IIF R/Dial Chrome Body809119
IIIF R/Dial D/A + 50mm F3.5 Red Scale667839 / 1243798
IF Red Scale + 50mm F3.5 Red Scale576302 / 1003317
IF Black Dial + 50mm F3.5807822 / 709025
IIIB Chrome + 50mm F2323656 /214313
IIIC Chrome Body504790
III Chrome + 50mm F3.5216962 / 305349
Standard + 50mm F3.565721
Model 1 C + 50mm F3.542808
Leica Screw Lenses
DescriptionSerial Number
28mm F5.6 Summaron1557352
35mm F2.8 Summaron19306022
50mm F2 Collapsible1303973
50mm F2.8 Elmar1494986
50mm F2.8 Elmar1551423
85mm F2 6401994
135mm F4.5 Hektor1737254
Leica M Digital Cameras
DescriptionSerial Number
M-P Chrome Body Only4906950
M (240) Black Body Only4808492
M (240) Black Body Only4889524
M (240) Black Body Only4800917
M (240) Black Body Only4801374
M (240) Black Body Only4699675
M (240) Black Body Only4444688
M (240) Black Body Only4823957
M (240) Black Body Only4786077
M (240) Black Body Only4852022
M (240) Chrome Body Only4699650
M (240) Chrome Body Only4788004
M (240) Chrome Body Only4787257
M9 Black Body Only3973678
Leica M Film Cameras
DescriptionSerial Number
M7 0.72x Chrome Body Only2777880
M7 0.72x Chrome Body Only3999551
M4 M Black Body Only1206858
M4 Chrome Body Only1188908
M4 Black Chrome Body Only1381876
M3 Chrome Body Only752537
M2 Black Paint Body Only976331
MDA Chrome Body Only1361020
CL Body Only1301127
CL + 40mm F21023781 / 2123896
Leica M Digital Lenses
DescriptionSerial Number
21mm F2.8 M Black + Finder3194834
21mm F2.8 M Black3425313
21mm F3.4 Chrome2055088
21mm F4 Chrome1672817
24mm F1.4 Asph M - Black4158882
24mm F2.8 Asph M Black3770009
24mm F2.8 Asph M Black3809641
24mm F3.8 Asph M Black4087819
24mm F3.8 Asph M Black4082166
28mm F2 Asph M Black 6bit4068297
28mm F2.8 M Black3038060
28mm F2 Asph M Black 6bit3900204
28mm F2 Asph M Black 6bit4007609
28mm F2 Asph M Black 6bit4191555
28mm F2 Asph M Black 6bit4068297
Tri Elmar 28/35/50mm Cutaway N/A
35mm F1.4 Black2392558
35mm F1.4 M Titianumn3601491
35mm F2 Asph M Black3888556
35mm F2 Asph M Black 6bit3865574
35mm F2 Asph M Black 6bit4210986
35mm F3.5 Chrome (M3)N/A
50mm F0.95 Asph M - Black4240749
50mm F1.1 Artisans 7651548
50mm F1.4 Asph M Black 6bit4132394
50mm F2.8 M Black3876484
50mm F2.8 Elmar1728954
50mm F2 Rigid Chrome1951149
50mm F2.5 M Black 6bit4051037
50mm F2.8 Elmar1591335
65mm F3.5 Elmar2068148
75mm F2.5 M Black 6bit + Hood4049065
75mm F2.4 M Black 6bit + Hood4309490
75mm F2.5 M Black 6bit + Hood4058073
90mm F2 Chrome1818755
90mm F2 Chrome1983754
90mm F2 Apo M Black 3923702
90mm F2.5 M Black 6bit4195275
90mm F2.8 Black2659101
90mm F2.8 M Black3711244
90mm F2.8 M Black3648550
90mm F2.8 M Black3803578
90mm F2.8 M Black3678222
90mm F2.8 Asph M Black 6bit3992920
90mm F2.8 Chrome1918017
90mm F2.8 Hexanon M Konica3121555
90mm F4 Elmar1712465
90mm F4 Chrome + OUAGO 1827197
90mm F4 C Elmar2574963
90mm F4 C Elmar2603256
90mm F4 C Elmar2641782
135mm F2.8 Black2325962
135mm F2.8 Black2289332
135mm F2.8 Black2621326
135mm F4.5 Chrome1414042
135mm F4 Black2106783
135mm F4 Black2046698
135mm F4 Black2083901
135mm F4 Black2653434
200mm F4.5 Telyt1503339